Which men were willing to serve as allies of this movement?

Write a paper 5-7 pages long to the following topic. The paper should have a thesis (stated in an introduction), a main body of logically–arranged paragraphs, and a conclusion. You must have a title page, properly formatted citations, and a reference page.
Topic: Women have always been an integral part of American society. Scholars argue that a fight for women’s rights emerged in the mid-19th century. What factors led to the emergence of this movement? What were the goals of the 19th century movement in the country? Which women in the U.S. and particularly New England emerged as the leaders of the movement? Which men were willing to serve as allies of this movement? Were the advocates of women’s rights victorious in the 19th century struggle? Why or Why not?

Do not email me your essay unless instructed to do so.

African Americans have been determined to attain their freedom since arriving in 1619. Some argue the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 was that watershed moment. Others argue that African Americans are still fighting for their freedom. What do you think? In 5 – 6 pages, you must take a position and make an argument on whether you believe African Americans are free. Your paper should have a thesis statement, as well as include your definition of ‘freedom.’
I strongly encourage you to use the LibGuide that was created for African American History Links to an external site.courses. LBCC librarians will be excited to help you get started. Note: ignore the ‘Prompt’ on the LibGuide, that was for a different course.
This essay assignment is not an opinion paper. Historians make arguments and debate about the past based on historical evidence and logic. As such, your paper must include:
Requirements Checklist
Minimum of three primary sources
Minimum of three secondary sources
Papers must be double-spaced, typed, and aligned left with 1-inch margins (all around) in 12-point Times New Roman font, and numbered.
At the top left of your paper include (single-spaced):
Your first and last name; course title and section number; date; title of essay. Then begin writing your essay. A separate title page is not needed.
Bibliography listing your sources used for the essay. The bibliography does not count toward the 5 – 6 content pages requirement.
As with all assignments in this course, your essay must be well-written; your work will be evaluated based on both content and form (grammar, organization, etc.).
Citation Format
Chicago Manual of Style format is required in the discipline of History. You can review this format on our LBCC library course LibGuide Links to an external site..
Chicago citation format requires footnotes, not parenthetical (in-text) citations. A simple google and/or YouTube search can show you how to insert footnotes on your word document if you are unfamiliar with these tools. You can also go to the Writing Center for assistance.
Essay is worth 100 points and must be 5 – 6 pages long.
Submission process
A submission drop box will be available on our Canvas course site under Module Week 12. All essays must be submitted as doc, docx, or pdf formats; No google doc links.
Make sure that your document is compatible with the software in Canvas.
All essays will be sent through anti-plagiarism software (Turnitin.com) which is embedded in Canvas (there is no need to go directly to Turnitin.com) Any work plagiarized will cost you the entire score for this assignment.
It is your responsibility to understand the definition of plagiarism. A detailed explanation on what constitutes plagiarism can be found on pages 6 – 7 of the course syllabus. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to turn in work that is your own.
The instructor does NOT accept e-mailed assignments. DO NOT email me your essay unless instructed to do so.
Statement on plagiarism and academic honesty
In submitting your paper, you agree with the following statement:
I have read and understood LBCC’s policy on academic honesty as stated in the LBCC Administrative Procedure on Student Conduct, AP5500 Links to an external site.. I understand what constitutes plagiarism and that engaging in it will result in a failing grade for this assignment and possibly the course. I also understand that all plagiarism cases will be immediately reported to the Dean of Students. This paper is my own work, written specifically for this assignment.

Why do we remember reconstruction the way we do?

TOPIC: This paper will be a research paper on the topic of the student’s choosing. The paper does not necessarily need to be on an American History topic nor does it necessarily need to occur during the time period this class covers (roughly 1865-present). Ideally, however, this paper would be at least somewhat related to course content.
This paper will ask you to think about how people, events, and even places in history are remembered. In other words, why do we remember World War II the way we do? Why do we remember Reconstruction the way we do? How has that changed over time?
Perhaps the best example I can cite for this paper, although not the only one, is Martin Luther King, Jr. While there is a holiday celebrating Dr. King now and he is near universally liked, during his lifetime he was considered a radical, was spied on by the FBI, was labeled a Communist and anti-American, and was mostly disliked by the media and politicians. Why is King now beloved, but during his lifetime hated? Why has his image been cleansed of the more radical elements?
For this paper, choose a historical event, person, or place and tackle questions such as: How is this person/place/event remembered now? How was it discussed during the time? Why do you think that has changed? Or has the memory of that person/event/place changed? If so, who or what drove that change? Is the new memory of this person/place/event accurate? Is it crafted for political or ideological reasons?
This paper will require you to do some research on your topic, but you can also state your opinion on why you think the memory of a person/place/event has changed. Your opinion must be backed up some level of research, though.
You Must: Have your topic approved by me;
Use 12-point font and double space your paper;
Write a minimum of two full pages (a page and a half does not count!);
Cite your sources in your paper and in a works cited page;
Upload your paper to Canvas no later than Sunday, November 20 at 11:59 p.m. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED (if you have issues with Canvas, email me your paper)

Write an opinion piece of about 500 words, suitable for publication in the daily texan, comparing the divisions in america in the 1850s with the divisions in america today.

Many people have observed that America has become more divided in the last several years. Some want to know if there is any historical precedent for this.
Write an opinion piece of about 500 words, suitable for publication in the Daily Texan, comparing the divisions in America in the 1850s with the divisions in America today. From your knowledge of history, explain the nature of the divisions then (What were people arguing about? Who was arguing?).
From your reading of current events, explain the nature of the divisions today, as you see them.
We know how the divisions in the 1850s turned out: they produced the Civil War. What will today’s divisions produce? Another civil war? This part is speculative, but make your prediction as plausible as you can.
No citations required.

How do these sources compare with information on the chosen topic as discussed in the u.s.

For this week’s assignment students will be working with a collection of primary source documents. The link in the Resources section above leads to a Library of Congress collection of primary source documents related to the home front in the United States the Second World War.
Examine at least a half-dozen text-based sources; take some time and find sources with a common theme that interests you.
Activity Instructions
Choose at least three primary sources with a related theme for an essay that explores some particular aspect of life for Americans on the home front during the Second World War.
You are free to select a topic that interests you, but be sure to directly work with the primary source materials.
Briefly (in 1-2 sentences each) summarize the primary sources you selected (include the document titles). Be sure to identify the common theme you are exploring, and select a theme that is intellectually significant (for example, superficial themes like “Americans were really patriotic” or “times were really tough back then” do not exhibit much effort – dig deeper).
What do each of these primary sources indicate about the chosen topic?
In what specific ways do these sources complement each other, and in what specific ways do these sources conflict with each other?
How do these sources compare with information on the chosen topic as discussed in the U.S. History textbook?
Stronger essays will include specific short quotes as needed to support arguments and develop a cohesive essay, while weaker essays will not utilize the primary sources and will be overly general in coverage of the topic.
Stronger essays will also find a narrow topic to cover, while weaker essays will be overly broad in their topics. An example of an overly broad topic would be something like “the American home front,” while an example of a sufficiently narrow topic might be “changes in American industry during the Second World War” or “changes in gender roles during the Second World War.”
Include a Reference page at the end (follow APA format to the best of your ability) with URLs for the documents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C72ISMF_D0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HofnGQwPgqs use them videos https://www.archives.gov/boston/exhibits/homefront https://library.tiffin.edu/home

How do we manage these two opposing forces?

Essay Instructions. California Redwoods- How do we use this resource?
This week we will be looking at the debate surrounding the protection of the California Redwood Forest that raged during the 70s and arguably still rages today. On one side of the argument you have the California Sierra Club, a pro-environmental group, and on the other side Georgia-Pacific Co. which represents to this day, one of the nations largest timber corporations. During this time, Georgia-Pacific Co decided to cut timber on CA land that environmentalists were working to protect as a future park.R
Read through the introduction by Leonard Pitt and then go through documents numbered 42, 43, 44, 45 (shortened) and 46. These readings in the PDF files point to what is at the heart of the debate, how do we determine what is more important, taking trees for the timber industry or saving the trees for the enjoyment of the public in the form of a public park? How do we manage these two opposing forces?
Write a 1-2 page essay, based on these documents and the other material posted, on which side you think made a more compelling argument and why. Quote at least three of the attached pages in your essay.
You can use the following format since we are not including a Works Cited page. For example, in document 46 Peggy Wayburn argues, “The congress is aware, at least in part, of the precarious nature of the park design” (Wayburn).

Why could a figure like joseph mccarthy emerge in the 1950s: what was unique about conditions in the united states that led to mccarthy’s rise to power in the 1950s?

Answer these questions : Why was Senator Joseph McCarthy able to instill so much fear in the American people?
To what extent were his accusations accurate?
Why could a figure like Joseph McCarthy emerge in the 1950s: what was unique about conditions in the United States that led to McCarthy’s rise to power in the 1950s?
Think of a more recent episode in American history where tactics like those of Senator McCarthy have been used; in what ways did the episode you selected resemble the McCarthy era? Use these vids https://youtu.be/9C72ISMF_D0 and this one https://youtu.be/ELumcSeRuB4 and this library https://www.library.illinois.edu

Which side of the preservationist argument are you on and why?

Which side of the preservationist argument are you on and why? Post 2-3 sentences on this threaded discussion by Thursday at midnight if you are more on the side of the timber industry or the preservationists giving a specific reason that supports your answer.
After everyone has posted by Thursday midnight, you respond to one of your classmates if you respectfully agree or not with them and you kindly give the reasons why in 2-3 sentences.