This should be written as an argument essay 3 sources should be used. No “Firs

This should be written as an argument essay
3 sources should be used.
No “First person” references
I have provided instructions below from my professor on this paper.
ENG 1A- Fall 2021 Essay 3 Instructions Overview:
Your third essay is related to your first. In your first essay, you were to engage with Graff’s and expand, explain, or challenge his ideas related to the tension between book smarts and street smarts. His primary contention was that students should be allowed to pursue their interests rather than the academic world’s sense of what they should know. One could be of two minds about this, either agreeing that students should be left alone to decide what they wanted to learn or have them continue the curriculum that’s been around since the earliest European Universities were built.
So, the topic for this paper is whether the core course requirements mandated by the state make sense. With this topic, you could go all out for total elimination—like the broadest reading of Graff’s essay, or you could argue they are all valuable and should be kept, or and most likely, you would argue that some make sense and should be kept while others are just a waste of students’ time and money and should be done away with.
Don’t forget that this is to be an argumentative essay. You need to give reasons for the choices you make about which courses should be kept and which eliminated, and those reasons need to be explained, not just thrown out there as if they were proven. Prove your claims.
This essay needs to be at least four pages long—longer is fine—and must be comprised of at least five paragraphs. You must use quotations from at least three sources. There should be a quotation in every body paragraph as these will be the core of each paragraph—what your paragraph is analyzing.
If the topic above makes you fall asleep, roll your eyes, or get stomach cramps, you may choose an alternative topic, BUT that topic needs to address a problem or debate related to education in America, and your essay should be an analysis of the problem and suggest a possible solution. The choice of topics here are myriad, but not all topics are equal which is why the proposal for this essay needs to be done completely and on time so there is a chance to refine or narrow one’s focus or to disallow the topic for some reason—which would be explained, of course.

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