– This course is called Building and Leading High Performance Teams. – The type

– This course is called Building and Leading High Performance Teams.
– The type of paper required is called a position paper, please search the right format for this paper as it is not included in the list of papers on this website.
– Please read the guideline document attached.
– There is a list of highlighted points in the guideline and we are supposed to choose one of them, I chose (Team Communication)
– You can choose the title of the paper to be one of these choices: The impact of (Team Communication) on team performance OR (Team Communication) and its relationship with building high performance teams.
– You need to write a literature review about the specific topic (Team Communication) supported by academic papers, include what are the types of (Team Communication), and their effect on teams or on organizations in general.
– Imagine a hypothetical company (company X) that has a goal or a problem with one of the highlighted issues that is affecting the performance/reputation of the company.You then created a team of 8 members that are going to solve this problem in the company. (example: we need to increase sales by 20% in the company, please choose a goal or a problem that is possible to make an action plan out of because I will make another order with the next project later)
– Before solving this problem in the company, this team has to have harmony between each other to be effective. That is why we need to assess the team itself by doing the FIRO B assessment.
– I have included the results of 8 FIRO B questionnaires filled in one compressed file + the FIRO B explanation to help you understand the scoring of each member and know where all team members have strengths and where they don’t (could be that some members of the team are not as strong as the others in some aspects according to FIRO B results).
– So you can write the paper in a way like this: We need to solve a problem in company X, and we created a team to solve this problem, but we analyzed the team members by FIRO B assessment, and the results showed that there are skills that need to be improved along with fixing the problem in the company. (please include the list of strengths and weaknesses for all team members based on the FIRO B results, as it will be needed in the next paper I will order, you will have to make a plan to fix the weaknesses of the team while creating an action plan for the project/goal you have written for the company)
– The purpose of this paper is that there is another paper to be written later which is a Team Action Plan with details about solving the problem you have chosen and teaching the team members to become better in the areas they are lacking in (could be more than one of the highlighted things because it is more than one person). (I will send that in a different order after you finish this one). But please bare in mind that these 2 projects are connected.

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