This Bachelors thesis is all about a new Subject-oriented business process model

This Bachelors thesis is all about a new Subject-oriented business process modeling notation called X, that is described in detail in a paper I will hand out. The goal is to present a way to implement this new modeling notation in TypeScript. I have already created a UML Class diagram including sequence diagrams, which describe the functionalities of the workflow engine. That means: How things are going to work is already done. Your task is to write everything down in a thesis. A table of contents is also already done. Contents/Sections (more details and my notes will be delivered) – How do companies design their processes currently? – How could this new solution make things easier? – How could companies integrate and merge their processes and outsource production worldwide? – What is the difference to BPMN? – Why X is the better modeling language -Subject oriented modeling in general -Currently available solutions (Software called Metasonic) -The Goals we are aiming at with X – The Technologies we are using (TypeScript, Node.js) – What is a Workflow Engine? – How to design and implement a workflow engine? – What is TypeScript and what are the Pro’s comparing to JavaScript – The pro’s of a decentral solution for a Workflow Engine – What a good architecture should be able to do – The architecture of a decentral solution – Explain that X itself is not designed stateless – What would happen if a process gets shut down (no electricity, etc.) and how to backup – What is the reason to not use a decentralized solution? – What is a worst Case scenario – The Architecture (Explain based on my UML Diagrams) – Why has this Architecture been chosen – How is Data going to be transferred between the Agents? – How is the Repository going to work – How are the Agents going to work

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