This assignment is based on the history and legacy of the razing of Africville.

This assignment is based on the history and legacy of the razing of Africville. You will write a short essay that answers the following question:
1-Why was Africville targeted for demolition?
2-What could be done to make reparations for past harms related to Africville?
3-What could those reparations look like?
4-What barriers are in the way of making reparations to Africville residents and their descendants?
Read “Re-remembering Africville” by Ted Rutland (Available on Brightspace) as a starting point for writing your essay. The essay must be based on your reading of this piece, plus the required readings from our weeks on African Nova Scotia (e.g. government reports, newspaper articles, or video clips) such as these:
HRM Archives, Municipal Sources on Africville:
CBC archives: “Africville: Expropriating Black Nova Scotians”:
“What Reparations for Africville Could Look Like”

Similar to the guidelines for Essay #1, you will need to include at least 4 sources. You will also need to give reasons and evidence to back up your points—all properly referenced and cited.
Essay Guidelines:
Your essay must be between 1000-1500 words in length. You will be penalized for going more than 150 words over or under the word limit. Please provide a word count on the title page of your essay. Please note that complete references and citations are required for this assignment.
i have uploaded all the material needed for the essay,Please read the carefully, check the links provided above, and read the provided guidelines.
NOTE: that it would be better if the resources where from the provided material, thanks in advance and good luck.

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