The second essay is due on Tuesday 11/23. The paper should be about 1500-1800 wo

The second essay is due on Tuesday 11/23. The paper should be about 1500-1800 words in length. Send the essay to me as an email attachment formatted in Word by the start of class on 11/23.
In this essay, you should compare and contrast Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre to any one of the classic fairy tales that we have studied, such as “Snow White,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cinderella,” “Donkeyskin,” “Bluebeard,” or “Fitcher’s Bird.” Consider such topics as the strength of the heroines in relation to the demands or expectations of men, society, or narrative convention; masculine and feminine gender roles; marriage and romance in women’s lives and choices; the ways stories challenge or reinforce class distinctions and stereotypes. Be sure to give your essay a precise thesis, stating as specifically as possible the similarities and differences between the novel and the fairy tale on a single theme. And be sure to defend your thesis throughout your essay, providing specific evidence for all your assertions by referring to details in the texts.
On Tuesday, November 18 class discussion will be devoted to a thesis workshop for the second essay. Before class, email me a thesis for the second essay, in the form of a single, complete sentence.
The thesis of the essay is the one, central idea that you want to convince the reader of. A good thesis is one that can be proven (that is, there is objective evidence in the texts to support it) and that needs to be proven (that is, it is not obvious or self-evident). A thesis does not have to be a single sentence, but it is a good exercise to write it as a complete sentence since it forces you to articulate the single, coherent idea that drives the essay as a whole.
Secondary critical sources are not required for this essay, and in fact I am most interested in your close engagement with the primary texts. You are, however, free to apply the critical sources that we have read to your argument, or to refer to other secondary sources. But your thesis should be original. And remember that you must fully cite any and all sources that you use. The source must appear in the list of works cited at the end of the essay, and each source must be cited on every occasion that you make use of its words or ideas. This is true if the source is your primary source (the text you are studying) or a critical source (an analysis of the work published elsewhere), and it is true if the source is printed or electronic, including internet sources. Follow the MLA style of in-text citation and lists of works cited, as described in A Pocket Style Manual.

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