The list of bunch of companies please see below. Please choose one from the cat

The list of bunch of companies please see below. Please choose one from the category of your choice and submit a SWOT analysis presentation. Must include graphics and writed up details.
It just needs to demonstrate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of working with or for that company based on your research. And you can discuss why you think you would thrive in this environment. Take into account key value drivers, philosophy, and goals, which must also be taken into account when doing business strategy
When placing material into the SWOT, consider the following:
Internal Factors usually include but can be expanded upon:
#Financial resources, such as funding, sources of income and investment opportunities;
#Physical resources, such as your company’s location, facilities and equipment;
#Human resources, such as employees, volunteers and target audiences;
#Access to natural resources, trademarks, patents and copyrights
#Current processes, such as employee programs, department hierarchies and software systems
#External Factors usually include, but can be expanded upon:
#Market trends, like new products and technology or shifts in audience needs
#Economic trends, such as local, national and international financial trends
#Funding, such as donations, legislature and other sources
#Demographics, such as a target audience’s age, race, gender and culture
#Relationships with suppliers and partners
#Political, environmental and economic regulations
The list of bunch of companies:
Cartoon Network
Music Platforms/Labels
Universal Music Group
300 Entertainment
A24 Studios
Monkeypaw Productions (Jordan Peele)
Disney/Marvel/Star Wars
Podcast/s Radio
Hot 97
Loud speakers Network(podcasts)
SM Radio
Luminary Podcasts
Rockstar Games
Electronic arts
Razer Gaming Tools
News Media
Pix 11
NPR/Non Profit
Global/international (BBC, etc)

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