Slides for CH 8 + for today (3 Nov) have been uploaded. Instructions for SCW 6 a

Slides for CH 8 + for today (3 Nov) have been uploaded. Instructions for SCW 6 are in the 3 Nov slides. You are asked to produce two tables (one for each company) in which you suggest four strategies for each company based on your identified Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Please demonstrate that you understand the concept of SO-, WO-, ST- and WT-strategies – and that you can label each strategy based on the table of strategies also provided in the slides. The purpose of SCW 6 is to give your companies well-argued suggestions for strategies for the future. Ideally based on data (as good as you can within your resources available). Please also state a priority order of your four strategies (i.e. which strategies should be chosen if not all can be implemented) – or at least a Top 2 🙂 – for each company.
For both SCW 5 and 6 please remember that an opportunity is an external factor (outside the company’s control) that holds a positive potential for the company, e,g, changed customer preferences or lower raw material prices (it should not be a strategy, i.e. actions the company can choose). In addition, some external factors can be both opportunities and threats depending on the industry, e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic which was both an opportunity and a threat for supermarket chains.
The companies are Strabag SE and PorrAG
I attached a picture with a table as an example. The presentation should be 2 tables, one per company.

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