Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to engage peers in a stimulating and

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to engage peers in a stimulating and interactive discussion
that examines a significant issue in community nursing practice. At the beginning of the discussion board,
a question/issue will be posted. Each student is expected to craft an initial post in a new thread that
refers to relevant course readings and draws from at least two additional external scholarly
references. Discussion board posts may incorporate personal experience in addition to course
content. Discussion board activity is intended to spark active conversation, synthesis, and reflection. It
is a scholarly forum, and thus requires an intellectual tone with appropriate citations in APA format. All
discussion board responses should be substantial, and further the knowledgeable conversation. For
example, responding to a classmate with, “Great post. I totally agree,” would not qualify as substantial
and would not receive credit.
Read the assignment in its entirety before initiating the activity.
Step One:
Read assigned chapters in Stanhope and Lancaster (2018) and the case study on pp. 156-157 of your
Stanhope and Lancaster (2018) textbook (Inmates at the local jail). Based on the information you have
learned from the readings in the text, the information from the Ted Talk (Week 5), your own
observations from your Practicum Experiences and at least 2 additional references to support your
position. Step six:
Step Two:
Complete the discussion board. Initial Post:
• Explain how community is defined in this scenario; what are the specific elements?
• Next, develop/describe the epidemiological triad (agent, host, environment) illustrating your
knowledge of the causal relationship of what happened to the inmates at the local jail.
• Also identify and give examples of the 3 levels of prevention for the outbreak.
• Finally, what ethical responsibilities do community health nurses have in the prevention of
infection (i.e., infection control in the community)?


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