Please focus on linguistic Isolation in Miami Lakes area and use the attached li

Please focus on linguistic Isolation in Miami Lakes area and use the attached links and pdf provided as examples and resources to focus on. The detailed instruccions are attached as a pdf (Health Care Disparities Group Project)
Then I went to the Miami Dade Matters site (I provided this link, previously LOTS OF GREAT DATA HERE) (University of West Florida University Library site that goes step by step on Poster Design: Tips for Creating a Successful Poster; here the site describes overview of the poster; the basic components; the visual layout, font sizes, color, charts and graphs. Everything that you need to know about how to effectively create a digital poster is right at your fingertips all you need to do is go to the site and read through it; EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS RIGHT THERE!!!!) : University of Kansas Medical Center Library has a section for Poster Design with easy to follow instructions and outlines to guide you in creating a good poster that is visually engaging as well as looking professional and these are quick and easy tutorials. (Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research site provides information about creating and presenting Posters; now this may be geared a bit more towards research and evidence-based practice posters which you are not doing; however, the basic principles are the same). (Ellis Medical Library provides information about poster templates (though you already have yours but it never hurts to see other ideas) meaning you have the FNU logo but you are going to arrange the various sections of the poster to reflect the corresponding sections specific to the assignment (i.e. Introduction and what is in this section) etc. (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality or AHRQ website if you scroll down there is a section titled Creating a Scientific Poster: Creating a Poster that has links to various sources I suggest sticking to the NExT Poster Design Tips document and the Tips for Better Visual Elements in Posters and Podium Presentations. There are youtube presentations each about 20 minutes but I don’t think at this point they would prove all that useful to you). There are also sections here on Help Working with PowerPoint Slides (which is what your digital poster is created in) which provides some tutorials you may find helpful

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