O*NET Occupation Paper (50 points) Students will identify one occupation of inte

O*NET Occupation Paper (50 points)
Students will identify one occupation of interest on the O*NET website. See below:
Write a short paper (about 6-8 pages) that includes:
A brief summary description, and the top 2 (Tasks, Technology skills, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Work activities). Describe the Job Zone, Educational requirements, Interests and median wages in your state.
ONET Activity for ONET Occupation Paper
-Go to Help and read about O*NET
-Go to Find Occupations and review, Type in any job title (e.g., your choice or rehabilitation counselor) in the Occupation Quick Search window and describe the following about your selected job:
-O*Net occupation number
-Go to crosswalks and list the DOT and SOC numbers for this job. What does DOT and SOC mean? -Describe the lead statement of this job and general areas covered.
-What are the Interests (based on Holland’s Theory) and Work Values for this job?
-What is the national median salary for this job?
-What is the SVP range for this job and what does SVP mean?
-Go to the State and National search window at bottom of page and click on the state in which you live that gives job information. Identify the yearly median salary and the number of this job in your state. -List two Related Occupations of this job
Submit paper as a Word document in APA style, double-spaced and e-mail to instructor.
Approximate paper length – 6 to 8 pages (not including title page, abstract, or reference page), double-spaced in APA (6th ed.) style,.

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