Movie Assignment: Pick a movie from list provided to them by the instructor. The

Movie Assignment: Pick a movie from list provided to them by the instructor. They will be required to analyze and assess the main character using the tools and skills they learned in this class. (Intro to Human Services/Social Work) Answer the following questions in your essay: Summary of Movie and Main character being focused Assuming the role of the main character’s social worker, What type of treatment services/counseling techniques should be given? other recommendations for referral sources/Areas of focus/specific activities could be done and Why? How did the main character’s environment or upbringing effect the main character? The last part of the paper will serve as your own reflection and how if you were faced with serving the client (main character of the movie), how you would feel along with your thoughts and any challenges you might face. How did this movie make you feel? Reflect on your own feelings and thoughts. What challenges do you think you might face? What biases, if any, might you have about working with this client? APA Style include Title Page, Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced. and a Reference page and must be formatted using the approved APA Paper Template Movies for Movie final paper Girl, Interrupted Thirteen Precious Beautiful Boy Silver Linings Playbook Moonlight Juno Antwone Fisher The Intern The Pursuit of Happiness Good Will Hunting Fathers and Daughters The Many Saints of Newark (ONLY if you are familiar with Tony Soprano) MAID (focus on first 3 episodes, but recommend watching entire series. 10 episodes) You may also choose to talk about the mother (grandmother) if you watch the entire series. *Please keep in mind, some of these movies may contain graphic scenes that might be upsetting as well as adult content.

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