The link has electroni
The link has electronic meetings for the public that you attend and write a reflection on it. The attached file shows what should be included. please do not forget to send a screenshot
Al-Anon Meeting
Purpose: Co-dependency is an essential concept for all nurses to understand. It is a benefit to
understand for all areas of nursing practice. Many patients attend self-help groups and it is vital
that the nurse understand this type of support. It is also important for a nurse to be aware of the
type of community resources available in our community.
Requirements: The student must attend one Al-Anon meeting before their last day of clinical.
There are several times and places to attend an Al-Anon meeting and a listing of them are
available at . There are several virtual times to attend an Al-Anon meeting
and a listing of them are available at .
The student must complete the Al-Anon form available on Canvas and have the Al-Anon
speaker or leader sign this form or send a screen shot if attending virtually. The student is
expected to write a one-two page evaluation of the group they observed. The student should
speak to the effectiveness of the group, the size and make-up of the group. The task of the group
members, including the leader, and the student’s personal thoughts and feelings regarding this
group. Paper must be typed.

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