How is the Texas Constitution changed?<br /><br />As you've rea

How is the Texas Constitution changed?<br /><br />As you've read in your text, changes to the Texas Constitution are proposed by the state legislature, but can only be approved by a majority vote in a statewide election. In 2019, the legislature was able to reach a 2/3 majority in the House and Senate for ten proposed changes. Voters decided whether not to make each change in November 2019, election – approving nine out of ten. What other sorts of changes did legislators consider?<br />The Texas Constitution, in accordance with the ( allows 18-year-olds to vote.<br />What about people who turn 18 during an election year – before the November General Election, but after the party primary elections – generally held in March. They get to choose between Republican and Democratic nominees, but can't take part in choosing who those nominees will be.<br /><br />To change this would require an amendment to the Texas Constitution, which starts with a joint resolution in either the Texas House of Representatives or the Senate. Last session, ( would have amended our state constitution to allow 17-year-olds to vote in party primary elections as long as they turned 18 by the date of the November General Election. Earlier this year, ( by Senator Judith Zaffirini, proposed the same change.<br /><br />Is that a good idea? What do you think?<br />Write an essay (2 – 5 pages, double-spaced, cited sources). Make sure your essay tells your reader:<br /><br />-The number and author of the joint resolution proposing this amendment this year.<br />-What the proposed amendment would do.<br />-Arguments for and against.<br />-Who you think might be for it and against it.<br />-How would you vote if you were a member of the legislature?<br />-Had it passed the House and Senate, do you think Texas voters would have approved it?<br />Submit in Word. Cite your sources.<br /><br />Additional Resources<br />Here's the link to this session's H.J.R. 12 (<br /><br />This idea was also proposed in 2015 as H.J.R. 50. You can see how it did: (<br /><br />If you look at the witness list from the hearing on H.J.R. 50, you can see who testified for and against it: (<br /><br />The National Youth Rights Association supports this: (<br /><br />A group called FairVote supports this idea as well: (

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