General Instructions: Select a specific area of compensation that interests you

General Instructions:
Select a specific area of compensation that interests you (e.g., CEO compensation, benefits, pensions, etc) and research this topic to determine both the short and long-term trends that have occurred or are currently occurring within this area of compensation. Suggestions for topics to help inspire you are provided below. Based on your research, write an 8-10 page report that synthesizes your research process and findings along with any other implications and insights related to your topic. Be sure to pick a topic that is interesting to you and that is specifically related to this course. You may be inspired by personal interest, a recent news article, an article in a business magazine, a personal interest, or one of the topics from our textbook. If you need help picking a topic, I encourage you to set up a meeting with me.
Appropriate sources of research include peer-reviewed academic journal articles, recently published books, credible news sources (e.g., The Globe and Mail; Time magazine, etc), and business magazines. Use ProQuest and other search engines available within the UWO online library catalog to conduct your research. You may also find Google Scholar useful. Please note that the textbook is NOT considered an appropriate resource for this assignment. The purpose of this research report is to go beyond what is covered in the text.
Format and Structure of the Report:
Your report should provide a detailed outline of your research process, including what resources informed your research and a summary of your findings regarding the short- and long-term trends. Your report should also address why such trends have occurred and any implications of the trends.
Your report should include the following headings and content:
Ø Introduction: Eloquently and creatively introduce the reader to your topic. State the purpose of your research (what you were trying to find out when you began to research your topic). Include a road map of your paper.
Ø Research Process: Provide a detailed outline of your research process. Discuss how you obtained resources, what types of resources (e.g., journal articles, magazines, online news sources) you used to write your report and how these resources informed your research.
Ø Findings: Summarize your research findings. Discuss and compare past, current, and emerging trends that occurred or are occurring within your topic. You should also discuss why these trends have occurred and/or are happening.
Ø General Implication and Insights: Summarize the implications of these trends. What impact (if any) will or has these trends had on any or all of the following areas of management:
· Compensation management (including any legal implications)
· Small business management
· Human resources management
· International management
You may also very briefly indicate what meaning (if any) your findings have produced for you personally. Did your research yield an answer you were satisfied with, or has it produced more questions you would like to pursue? Why?
Ø Conclusion: Provide a succinct conclusion to your report. Restate the purpose of your research and provide an overall conclusion of your findings.
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