Do not forget that your thread in reply to my post must be at least 150 words an

Do not forget that your thread in reply to my post must be at least 150 words and needs to be posted by Wednesday; and when replying to your classmates, your minimum word count is 50 words. You must also reply to at least two classmates. I would strongly recommend that you download a free version of Grammarly. This program will help you check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. For instructions on how to download this free software, please refer to the Course Information Module.
Week 2 Discussion Board – Managing Data with Data Tools
Using the Internet, conduct a thorough search for more information on managing data with data tools in Excel. Choose one bullet (explain and also include a use) from the following list:
Session 6.1
Split a workbook window into panes
Highlight and remove duplicate values in a data range
Sort a data range by one or more fields
Add subtotals to a data range
Session 6.2
Find and select workbook cells
Filter data based on one or more fields
Create an advanced filter
Convert a data range to an Excel table
Work with table styles and table elements
Session 6.3
Create and apply a slicer
Calculate summary statistics with SUBTOTAL function
Design and create an interactive dashboard
Be sure to cite your sources using APA style format. For information on how to use proper APA style formatting, go to the College library site at (Links to an external site.) or visit the Purdue Owl site at (Links to an external site.) or
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first classmates post:Hello Professor and Classmates,
For this discussion board, I will be focusing on calculating summary statistics with the SUBTOTAL function.
This feature of Excel allows the users to perform calculations on a filtered range (Acampora, 2017). The feature does this by taking regular data lists and turning it into a grouped summary. Though the name SUBTOTALS gives the impression that one can only find totals, the automatic features go beyond the sums function. Excel just refers to all summaries as subtotals (Kavanagh, 2005). It can give calculations from AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MAX, MIN, PRODUCT, STDEV.S, STDEV.S, VAR.S, and VAR.P (Acampora, 2017).
To get started, the lists need to meet a requirement in order for it to be able to use the SUBTOTAL function. The list needs to be organized in columns. Each of these columns must also have a heading. The data under these headed columns must also be sorted according to how you want the columns to be grouped so related items MUST be grouped appropriately. As long as the data meets these requirements, one can begin the process of using the SUBTOTALS function (Kavanagh, 2005).
To perform SUBTOTALS with Outlines, you go to DATA, then to OUTLINE, then to SUBTOTAL. This way, formulas inserted use the standard function numbers 1-11 and allow the results to remain visible even though there might be rows that are hidden and only displayed when the outline is expanded- not collapsed (Exceljet, n.d.).
One use of SUBTOTALS in a business is that sometimes data needs to be based on different categories. It helps us to get the total amounts of several columns broken down into several categories. For example, a business that sells garments has to consider garment products and the different sizes offered with them. The SUBTOTAL function is used in this case to help them count the different sizes available in the warehouse (Corporate Finance Institute, 2019).
Acampora, J. (2017, 02). The Excel SUBTOTAL Function – Calculations on Filtered & Visible Cells Only. Excel Campus. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)
Excel subtotal function. Exceljet. (n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2021, from (Links to an external site.).
Kavanagh, S. (2005, 03). Succinctly summarize with the subtotals feature. Inside Microsoft Excel, 12, 1-4. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)
Subtotal function in Excel. Corporate Finance Institute. (2019, August 1). Retrieved November 8, 2021, from (Links to an external site.).
second classmates post:Hello Professor and Class,
Excel Advanced Filter is the advanced version of the regular filter. You can use this when you need to use more complex criteria to filter your data set. While the regular data filter will filter the existing dataset, you can use Excel advanced filter to extract the data set to some other location as well. Also, you can use the Excel Advanced Filter to extract unique records from your data.
An example of when you could use the advanced filter would be when you are extracting a unique list. The steps include:
1.Select the entire data set (including the headers)
2.Go Data tab –> Sort & Filter –> Advanced.
3. In the advanced filter dialogue box
Action: Select the ‘Copy to another location’ option. This will allow you to specify the location where you can get the list of unique records.
List Range: Make sure it refers to the dataset from which you want to find unique records. Also, make sure headers in the data set are included.
Criteria Range: Leave this empty.
Copy To: Specify the cell address where you want to get the list of unique records.
Copy Unique Records Only: Check this option
After completing this you will have a unique list of all records.
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