Develop the topic into a well-organized essay, following the guidelines below. C

Develop the topic into a
well-organized essay, following the guidelines below. Correct spelling and
grammar will be considered. Part of your grade will depend upon including
four block quotes from Franklin’s Autobiography. If you do not include the 4
required block quotes to support your position, your paper will lose one
letter grade. Be sure to answer all parts of the question. A block quote
is typically several sentences long. Your paper will
largely be written in your own words, but it will be supported by the
Finally, DO NOT copy material from
another source and paste it into this essay response box, representing it as
your own work. Doing this will cause a grade of 0, and it is not
difficult for instructors to detect.
The Autobiography of Ben Franklin
Relying on material from the The
Autobiography of Ben Franklin (especially Chapters 8 and 9), thoroughly answer all
the following questions:
Section 1: Describe how Benjamin
Franklin established the public library in Philadelphia. What was the effect
of this library on Franklin? What was the effect of the library on his
Section 2: Explain Franklin’s
quest for moral perfection. What process did he use to keep track of his
progress? Be specific. How successful was he? Which virtues
did he find the most challenging to maintain? Providing some detail,
what was meant by his saying, “a speckled ax is best?” Name
one virtue that Franklin omitted from his pursuit of perfection that you feel
should have been included.
Section 3: Was Franklin a
religious man? Why, or why not? Provide specific evidence from the
autobiography to support your conclusions.
Section 4: A critic one
said, “Franklin was a shameless self-promoter with numerous
achievements, almost all of which were accomplished primarily to gain fame
for himself, along with bragging rights. Moreover, he was blindly idealistic,
and did not concern himself with Americans of less success or economic
means.” In a single paragraph, defend or refute this accusation.
*****Include at least four
direct, multi-sentence block quotes from the Autobiography to support
your position. Be sure to put
your citation for these quotations in parentheses and in all caps. For
example, your citation might look like this:
“She assisted me cheerfully
in my business, . . . .” (FRANKLIN, P. 119) or, if there is no page
number, (FRANKLIN, Chapter 6).
Do not use resources that are not
provided by this course.
below is the link for the textbook

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