****At this point You have done SEI Phase 3 a and 4.***** for phase 3 you mentio

****At this point You have done SEI Phase 3 a and 4.*****
for phase 3 you mentioned the inanimate object of “Black Rock Desert, Nevada”
for phase 4 you mentioned an object of ” Grand Central Terminal , New york city”
I am still confuse on which one you are doing . this paper is divided into parts and asking specific instructions on each phase parts. Its a continuation to each piece.
– please read the instructions on how to complete each piece. This assignment is phase 5. the instructions is found under the file that I posted called: “instructions”
– I will post your previous work from phase 3 and 4 so you can take a look at on what im talking about.
Phase 5 requires the following….
Visit the library website and use Google Scholar to identify relevant research material to the ecological infrastructure.
Topics relevant to the ecological infrastructure:
What are the environmental and health consequences of the product or place?
Remember that human health risks are relevant because humans are part of the environment.
Draft a summary of research analysis and the ecological infrastructure.
Ecological infrastructure: The environmental infrastructure describes the environmental impact of the material infrastructure on ecosystems and communities. Discuss any policies of organizations that help reduce environmental impacts. You must define environmental infrastructure in your own words.

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