.Analyse images 1 & 2 (Image 4A.1, A-F and Image 4A.2, A-E provided) and identi

.Analyse images 1 & 2 (Image 4A.1, A-F and Image 4A.2, A-E provided) and identify the
components, materials and surface finishes shown in the images.
Explain briefly how these components interact to define spaces and to create character and
experience. (400 words).
Using the concept plans produced in
Assignment 3C develop at least three further
concept plans for this garden which meet the
original design brief (The Tans).
Show on your plans how you could group
components to create three of the following
a) An avenue
b) A route through the garden
c) A highlighted feature
d) A backdrop, boundary or division
e) An emphasis of scale
(You may select one design or combine aspects from your previous developmental sketches
Show each component area using appropriate visual styles.)
Produce 3 quick perspective sketch drawings to show how groups of features, or patterns
of features, are to be incorporated into your plans.
Your sketches may be of the whole garden or of features you have designed within it.
These should be drawn in ink and of a sufficient quality to present to a client.
( perspective sketch is not the same as a plan drawing. Please refer to the course notes for
ideas and tips on how to produce perspective sketches.
For information on perspective sketches, refer back to the course material for Unit 3.)
Select your final plan, including all components, and produce a scale drawing to present to your client.
(The plan should include a title block, scale bar and appropriate symbols.)
Using each image provided (Image 4D.1 and Image 4D.2) mark the following:
• M for MASS
• V for VOID
Describe briefly how the use of mass and void controls human movement around both sites.
To complete this assignment use student material provided and should be ok

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