Topic: History of Cessna Aircraft The paper should be about the history of the c

Topic: History of Cessna Aircraft
The paper should be about the history of the cessna aircraft in the perspective of technological lens. Research question is: What technological innovation/advancements have been made to the Cessna aircraft? or along these lines. Paper should discuss history of the Cessna aircraft as well as Clyde Cessna and comparison between technologica aspect of past vs present of the aircraft. Must include 2 primary sources and 2 secondary sources. APA 7th edition format.
Body (four to six pages)
Introduction – Tells the reader what you are going to write about and includes your thesis statement. Be sure to make it interesting so the reader will want to continue and read the rest of your work.
Body of the Paper – Goes through each point you want to illustrate by providing your ideas and your research about the topic. Be sure you write an opening sentence for each paragraph that will draw your reader into your idea or point.
Conclusion/Summary – Reminds the reader what you wrote about in your work. It is similar to the introduction but with a concluding statement.
Suggested sources that I found
Secondary Sources(2): Clark, A. (2016, August 11). Clyde Cessna and the Founding of the Cessna Aircraft Company. Disciples of Flight.
Dowling, S. (2017, March 2). The plane so good it’s still in production after 60 years. BBC Future. Retrieved September 26, 2021, from
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Pond, W. D. (2020, September 9). And then this Happened Aviation BREAKTHROUGHS/ODDITIES/MILESTONES: CESSNA Single-Engine EVOLUTION: 30 years of magic. Plane & Pilot Magazine. Retrieved September 26, 2021, from
Textron Aviation. (n.d.). Cessna: A history. Cessna: A History. Retrieved September 26, 2021, from
Primary sources (2) It can be images but must be cited/labeled
courtesy of Kansas Aviation Museum, “Race Pilot Roy Liggett with the CR2, “Miss Wanda”,” Clyde Cessna’s Family Farm, accessed September 26, 2021,
Kansas Historical Society . (n.d.). Cessna Airplane. Kansas Memory . Retrieved September 26, 2021, from

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