This is a news release assignment and I have uploaded a grading rubric, a scenar

This is a news release assignment and I have uploaded a grading rubric, a scenario and a sample which you MUST follow exactly the same!!!!
– Please use size 12 font throughout (Calibri or Arial)
– Single space throughout and double space between paragraphs
– No tabs or indents
1) LOGO:
The logo of the company or organization issuing the news release should be at the top center of the first page and it should be easy to read, but not take up too much space.
The contact information of the PR professional issuing the news release who is serving as the primary contact for media should be flush left and include Contact: (bold and underline) followed by Name, Phone Number and Email address.
3) Headline & Sub Headline:
Skip a space after the Contact information and the Headline is centered and bold. The Headline can be one or two lines and should announce the news in a way that captures the media’s attention
Sub Headline:
Is italicized, centered and directly under the headline. If the headline is 2 lines, the sub headline is 1, if the headline is 1 line, the sub headline can be 2 lines. The sub headline should provide additional information and build on the headline
The Dateline comes two lines after the sub headline and features the city where the company issuing the news release is located and the date the news release is issued
– CITY is always upper case (see below, LEXINGTON)
– Some major cities do NOT require a state abbreviation so NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES and others do not. The Associated Press Stylebook tells you which cities do not require a state abbreviation
– The Stylebook also provides the correct state abbreviation which is different than postal code abbreviations
– Hyphen follows the dateline with a space before and after the hyphen
5) Lead Sentence/Paragraph:
– This comes right after the dateline and is the first sentence and paragraph of the news release
– The lead should repeat information you provided in the headline and sub headline
– In a succinct & direct manner, the lead sentence/paragraph should attempt to communicate the 5W’s (Who, What, When, Where & Why). A journalist should understand the news from the lead sentence/paragraph
NOTE: As mentioned earlier, the lead paragraph could be just one sentence
6) The Body of the News Release:
– After the Lead Paragraph, other paragraphs comprise the Body of the news release and should provide additional supporting facts
– NOTE: When you write your news releases for this course, you will create facts based on the scenario you choose to write about as all the scenarios are made up and not actually occurring.
7) Executive/Spokesperson Quotes:
– The Body of the news release must include one or more quotes
– You will make up the quotes as the scenarios I provide are all made up
– In the scenarios, I provide the exact names and titles of the executives to quote
– Quotes must follow the exact format below – there is a first sentence followed by a comma and quotations and, said Name and Title, followed by a period and a second and possibly third sentence.
NOTE: If you quote someone twice in the same news release as I do below, the second quote only includes their last name.
– Place – MORE – at the bottom of your first page (please see below)
– Place a SLUG (page 2 header) at the top of Page 2 (please see below)
– Place 3 Hashtags at the bottom of your second and final page to indicate the end
– Every company/organization has a legal and standard Boilerplate Paragraph. It is the last paragraph at the end of the news release (Please see below)
– NOTE: For the news release scenarios I provide on Canvas, I already researched and provide you the Boilerplate Paragraphs. All you have to do is cut and paste into your news release
– NOTE: In cases where two companies are involved in a news release, you include both Boilerplate Paragraphs. I have already provided those to you on Canvas in the news release scenarios for our assignments
When writing a pitch letter to media, you want to write it direct and to-the-point
Knowing a pitch letter is sent to many media, you want to draft in a way that you can customize a sentence or two.
Please see my example below which you can follow later this semester when we have our pitch letter assignment (NOTE: I created the following Scenario)
PLEASE DO FOLLOW all these instructions I provided above and also the FOLLOW the exact same template as the sample paper I uploaded!!!!

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