This assignment is about creating a group Manuel for bereavement specialists (g

This assignment is about creating a group Manuel for bereavement
specialists (grief counseling).This is a literature review for death, dying and bereavement. The review should consist of 8 references about
theorist, procedures and counseling. This literature review should have 2 references about rural population barriers and challenges. And two
references on social work with group theories with rural and urban
The theorist you can include are Seven of the most comprehensive and influential grief theories that work best with the Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT) are Sigmund Freud’s study of mourning. Bowlby’s attachment theory of security and survival for individuals that develop early in life. Stroebe and Schut, dual-process orientation and restoration when developing coping skills. Worden’s theories of morning task and Kubler-Ross the five stages of grief. These theories are used in this manual to explore the cognitive behavior of death and the bereavement process. Also include theories of researched activities or model used in bereavement
counseling in the literature at least four (4) not to find articles older than
ten years to support the literature review. This reveiew is developed as anresearch paper with the literature being the research paper. All references within ten years ranging from children between 2-12, youth ranging from 13-18 and adults 19 and older.
The literature must be eight (8) pages in length. APA style, references peer reviewed journals publications, evidence base theories,
Or book quotes. All references must be sited on a reference page.
PLEASE ONLY USE .EDU or book sources and list the references in the litererature review and on the reference page. Thanks

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