The purpose of a reading response is to give you an opportunity to think creativ

The purpose of a reading response is to give you an opportunity to think creatively about the readings without too many rules or expectations. Really, my only criteria are that you demonstrate some independent thinking and that it is fairly concise decently written. I don’t want it to be too hard to read, or a series of thoughts that don’t go anywhere, or a bunch a sentence fragments.
So, don’t summarize the readings. But, follow your own interests and find parts of the readings you find interesting, or gaps that you notice, or questions that they leave you with, and expand on them. Develop them. You need to analyze the readings a bit, but use what you find interesting or curious about them to direct your analysis.
You are free to draw inspiration from the content of my reading guides, and maybe even use my questions to ask some new one for yourself. I don’t mind if your responses answer my questions, but also feel free to go beyond my questions, and ask new ones.
Like, if you have a question about the readings, try to answer it for yourself in your response.
Please include all of the weekly readings in your response. close reading
1,000 words, give or take some, and 12 point font, times new roman, double spaced. (please see the Policy section oft he syllabus for more information about the format for your papers).
Since your reading responses are only drawing on the course readings, you do not need to formally provide citations or a bibliography. But, if you provide a direct quote, provide a page number. Ex. Malinowski writes that “akjsdhglakdhjglahsg” (p. ??).
A example of close reading

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