The paper has been completed, but needs to be better improved with greater detai

The paper has been completed, but needs to be better improved with greater details, and the article summary needs to align with Chapter 6 Grossman. The answers need to be very precise. I emphasize VERY PRECISE. DO NOT make answers vague and rambling. The more details and information provided the better.
The original assignment instructions:
1. Read Grossman & Valiga, chapter 6.
2. Choose 1 additional article or video to read/watch. You may choose something from the references at the end of the chapter, or you may read/watch an article/video of your choosing. Summarize what you learned from the additional article/video and how it applies to the chapter content. Include the article citation and a link to the article or video.
3. Answer two critical thinking exercises found at the end of the chapter. ALWAYS precede each of your critical thinking exercises with the text of the exercise, so i will know what exercise you are answering without having to go to the text to look it up.
4. Write one critical thinking question for class discussion
Criteria for grading
1. Article/video summary is clear, logical, and thorough
2. Article/video is linked and APA citation is included
3. Clear description of how the article/video relates to the concept of the chapter
4. The text of the critical thinking exercises precedes your answers
5. The answers to the critical thinking exercises are thorough, precise, and detailed.
6. Turned in on time

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