Situational Analysis of Ethical Issue: Choose a current ethical dilemma or issue

Situational Analysis of Ethical Issue: Choose a current ethical
dilemma or issue in a sport environment (athletics, physical education,
recreation, exercise, etc.). Summarize a minimum of 10 scholarly or
academic journal sources (no newspaper articles or online opinion
articles), then provide your critical analysis in the conclusions
section of the paper. These sources must be from peer-reviewed,
scholarly journals (online or print) otherwise, points will be deducted.
You must click “scholarly article (peer reviewed)” box in Research
Database search on the ASU Library website. EbscoHost or Sport Discus
are valuable databases in this field. Your personal analysis should
include references to support your argument. Incorporate the principles,
theories, facts, statistics, etc. illustrated in the course’s
PowerPoint slides (if related to your topic) into your insights. Use APA
format and include an APA reference list in the back. Include a cover
page (not included in page numbering). Minimum 10, double-spaced pages
excluding cover page and reference list.Term Paper: Situational Analysis of an Ethical Issue in SportOf
your chosen ethical issue discussed in this course, or another ethics
or moral problem area in any sport environment, follow this writing
format. It must relate to a sport context.Term Paper format:· Introduction of ethical issue· Explain the problem· Summary of 10 scholarly articles providing statistics, discussion, strategies, or recommendations· Provide two examples of your chosen issue (you may include personal experiences)·
Provide your critical analysis including your suggestions for improved
practice, and strategies to avoid or minimize problem/issue. Include
rationale for suggestion(s)· Reference list

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