Alcohol Consumption – Yes or No? Discussion Forum Note: For the purpose of this

Alcohol Consumption – Yes or No? Discussion Forum
Note: For the purpose of this assignment, please limit your discussion to alcohol consumption by those ages 21 and over.
Grading details: Please write at least 4 complete sentences for your post. This post is worth 30 points. Review the rubric for grading details.
You’ve probably heard some of the research supporting the idea that some types of alcohol intake may decrease risk of heart disease or have other health benefits, but you have also likely heard of the risks of alcohol consumption. This topic is much debated by nutrition and health experts.
1. Find a scholarly article from a journal that discusses the pros or cons of alcohol consumption related to disease prevention or risk using one of the library’s databases: ( (Links to an external site.)). Scroll down to where it says “Search Library Databases” and select ProQuest or Academic Search Complete from the drop-down box. Read the attached document below to help determine if your article is scholarly or not
For your post:
Include one statement from your article that you feel makes a good argument one way or the other…alcohol intake is good because… or alcohol intake is bad because… ,,
Explain your thoughts on this statement from a scientific perspective (not personal opinion)
Consider if a good friend or family member asked you, as the new nutrition expert in the family, “Should I be consuming alcohol? Is it good for me?” How would you answer?
Include a link to your source article or its citation (The URL at the top of an article is not a permanent link. In order to make sure myself and others can see your article, you must click on the permalink icon [in whatever database you are using] this will pull up the correct URL. All other URL’s are temporary and will result in an error message.)
Use the proper type of scholarly, peer reviewed article (not a website, newsletter, or magazine.) Review the attached document below “how to tell if an article is scholarly.”

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