Unit 1 Mathematics Survey Estimation Estimation is a tool that allows you to fin
Unit 1 Mathematics Survey Estimation Estimation is a tool that allows you to find answers quickly. In situations where you only need an approximate idea of how much something is, estimation will do the trick. Post 1: Initial Response Your friend Amanda’s home flooded recently, and all her furniture was ruined. You and several of her closest friends have joined together to raise money to buy her a new set of living room furniture. You have been tasked with estimating how much money should be raised. Explore living room furniture purchase options online and choose at least six separate pieces of furniture. In your post, include the following information and answer the question: The name of each item. The list price for each item. The approximate cost of each item rounded to the nearest $100. The URL for each item. The estimated total of your purchase. Do you feel this is a reasonable estimate for what must be purchased? Unit 1 Journal Mathematics Survey Journal assignments give you more experience with writing, but without the stress often associated with larger, more formal projects. As long as your journal submission is on topic, is submitted on time, and covers both parts listed below, you will receive the full 15 points. For the Unit 1 Journal, you will complete two reflective activities that are designed to identify the relevance of this course for your future career. Part 1 You will begin by exploring the career that you hope to achieve by completing your program of study at Purdue Global. Access the CareerOneStop website. Locate the Occupation Profile for your career goal and location. Search by occupation: select the occupation that most closely matches your career goal. Enter your zip code to get a location-specific report. Copy the webpage address for your specific report (you will use this webpage address in your paragraph). Write one short paragraph briefly describing your future career and listing the webpage address for the report you located. Part 2 Next, you will discover how this math course is relevant for your prospective career. Using the occupation profile from Activity 1, scroll to the Skills and Abilities sections (near the bottom). NOTE: If your occupation does not have Skills and Abilities sections, just pick a similar occupation that does include these sections and use those skills and abilities listed. Determine which skills or abilities might be related to the content in this course. Write one short paragraph briefly explaining how taking this math course might help you develop the skills and abilities needed for your prospective career.

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