Understanding Cultural Differences in regards to Healthcare: 100 points total Ac
Understanding Cultural Differences in regards to Healthcare: 100 points total According to National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Heath Care, patients and consumers should receive effective understandable and respectful care that is provided in a way that is compatible with their cultural health beliefs, practices and preferred language. This assignment is to help you understand a culture that is different from your own. Your assignment is to prepare a short, 3-4-page informative essay on culture that is different from how you or your family members were raised. Students must pre-approve their chosen culture with the instructor via the CANVAS drop box by the date listed on the assignment points and due date page. Please submit 3 choices for your culture and I will reply with the approved culture after the due date. You are to write an informative essay describing the beliefs of the culture you have chosen. The format of the cultural informative essay MUST be as follows: • written in Microsoft Word (NOT Microsoft Works) • double-spaced • one inch margins top, bottom and sides • Times New Roman size 12 font • the heading is the culture you have chosen. • Three references –You may use internet references but they may not include any “Wiki” type sites, “Ask” Or “Buzzle”. They must be scholarly type web sites with information that cannot be edited. • the file must be saved as Last Name_First Initial_culturalessay. For example, a cultural essay from Jane Smith would be titled: Smith_J_culturalessay • Submitted via CANVAS drop box • References must be MLA format Essays that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted and the student will receive a grade of zero for this assignment.HealthBeliefs/Practices Information that must be included in your essay: 1. Describe this culture’s belief regarding life and death. Are there special rituals for death? Belief in reincarnation? How do they grieve? 2. Describe the role of women vs. men in this culture. 3. Describe the culture’s belief regarding personal space – how far do they stand away from family members when they speak? Friends? Health care workers? 4. What is this culture’s belief regarding body language and eye contact? 5. What is this culture’s belief regarding time? – Are they on time for appointments, work, etc? 6. Describe the basic diet of this culture. 7. Describe any special foods for celebrations or special/unusual circumstances? – Holidays, illness, births, etc. 8. What type of alternative or natural medicine does this culture have? For example, do they use healers, herbalists, and/or acupuncturist? If so, describe how. 9. Describe any superstitious beliefs or beliefs of supernatural powers that this culture may have. 10. Describe the beliefs that this culture has regarding who may treat the patient - for example, are there any restrictions regarding opposite sex treating patient, prefer doctor over nurse? 11. Does this culture have any prohibitions to surgery, blood transfusion, abortion, organ donation? Describe. 12. Describe the relationship between emotions and illness in this culture. 13. How are people with physical disabilities or mental illness treated in this culture? 14. Describe any high-risk health behaviors associated with this culture as well as pregnancy and childbearing concerns. 15. Are there genetic diseases associate with this culture? Describe. You will be graded on content as well as correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. You must have your references in MLA format. The link for the MLA information is: https://style.mla.org/ Rubric – Health Beliefs Informative Essay Criterion 5 4 3 2 0

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