This is your order of paper, and it is mandatory. These directions are the ones
This is your order of paper, and it is mandatory. These directions are the ones to use, do not use any other instructions--this will help you with APA specific items. The following are items which may (or must) be included in your paper (i.e. if they are not mandatory and are included, this is the order in which they appear). Note that your paper must have 25 pages of TEXT (defined below). LEGEND: An * (asterisk) indicates a required component. A # (pound or number sign) indicates pages that counts towards the page count (25 pages of text), if included. An asterisk AND pound sign is an item that is mandatory AND counts towards the page count (* ITEM #) No asterisk or pound sign means it is not mandatory AND does not count towards your page count. Here is the order: (Front matter) *Title Page# *Blank Page# Dedication# *Table of Contents # *Abstract # Preface# *Approval Page (in doc sharing) # List of Illustrations # List of Tables # List of Figures # (*BODY of PAPER#--NOTE: not a heading, just a grouping of the below areas) Chapter 1: *The Problem# (introduction to your subject, problem and a short explanation of your research, 3-5 pages) Chapter 2: *REVIEW OF LITERATURE# (5-8 pages, can be longer for meta-analysis) Chapter 3: *METHODOLOGY# (at least 3 pages) BE SPECIFIC!!! Chapter 4: *DISCUSSION# (includes analysis of data, quan/qual) Chapter 5: *RESULTS# (explain in detail) *Implications for further Research# *Conclusions of Researcher# *Conclusion# (Backmatter) *References# Acknowledgements #Glossary #List of Abbreviations *Appendices # (Appdx A mandatory, i.e. your Survey Those not indicated as required are items left to the requirements of the paper. Example: If you have figures or tables in your paper, you must have a list of figures or tables. Inside the BODY OF PAPER area (note: this IS NOT a heading) is where you will include your lit review, methodology, rationale, data, conclusions, etc. Ensure you include your lit review and methodology per the order listed here. NOTE: Do not put complete surveys or large tables in your paper--put those in an appendix instead.... This paper is for analysis of data, not simply displaying raw data... Don't insert graphics (pictures) unless they are there for a specific reason, which you are able to explain. An instance where you WOULD use a picture would be a picture of a TASER if you are speaking about the safety guards (on the taser) available to the officer, and the picture shows a key safety feature. Doing a paper on prisons and simply having a picture of a prison would not be acceptable. I, your reader, should have NO DOUBT why you are showing me the graphic/picture/table. You must have 25 pages of text, as defined above. PLEASE!!! pay attention to what components count towards the page count of the paper.

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