Subject is based on Human Resources course Emotional Intelligence Plese see att
Subject is based on Human Resources course Emotional Intelligence Plese see attachement for addtional guidance - and references that shoud be used in reseaech as well as addtional ones needed as per beloq requirements The research paper should be 25 pages, not including references, abstract or cover page. The paper must cover a topic that is related to the management of human resources. As your instructor, I must approve your final topic. The paper must be double-spaced in APA format. The paper must include a cover page that includes a title and your full name. The paper must include proper citations and a substantial reference list (10-12 sources), using APA style. The paper will be evaluated on content, spelling, grammar, organization, development and flow of ideas, transitions, and overall quality of presentation. Students will submit the final draft of their papers to Safe Assign prior to submission to the instructor.Any text that shows as a match MUST be appropriately cited in the paper with the source appearing on the reference page. Research Paper Template: Research paper sample templates typically include seven sections: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review (the body of your paper), Conclusion, References, and Appendices. It’s best to create a Microsoft Word document, using this template so your paper stays organized. Note that the Title Page, Abstract, References, and Appendices go on their OWN page. Your paper must be at least 20 pages of written text in 12 point Times New Roman font, excluding your cover page, references, and appendices. Write your abstract last. The abstract is a 100 word summary of your paper and is intended to give a quick summary to a reader about the focus of your paper -- and so you cannot write that until your paper is complete. The abstract may include a sentence from your introduction and one from your conclusion, but it should be no more than a paragraph. To keep your paper organized, you will take each research question and write it as a subheading in your literature review. For example, if a research question is “How has the implementation of various employment laws impacted the human resource management profession?” the subheading in your literature review could read, “The History of Employment Law.” The conclusion should nicely wrap up your paper in a couple of paragraphs. It should not be longer than 3 paragraphs (1 page), and should not introduce new material. Write your reference list first. Since you are gathering references now, create your list in APA style from the beginning – put it in alphabetical order by author last name – and you will save time later. There’s nothing worse than having to go back to the library to find the APA required information on a source you could have gathered the first time around! Note that a reference list is the same as the bibliography or works cited. Some papers may not have an appendix section. It depends upon your topic. In most cases, appendices are used to present tables and charts that don’t fit nicely into the text of the paper itself, or to provide a sample of a survey used or interview questions posed. Reference List: In order to give appropriate credit to authors, you will follow APA style for this paper. You should use the current APA manual for details. Below are a few key points related to your reference list, but The Bedford Handbook provides more detail and examples. Only include the author’s last name and first name initial. For example, Coverdale, J. (2008) … Tab in 5 spaces the second and subsequent line of each reference. Put in alphabetical order by author last name; if you don’t have an author’s last name, use the first word of the title of the article. For example, Students Protest over College Admissions Policies (2012, April 15) should be alphabetized under the letter “S”. If you are using an Internet source, list the reference, followed by the date of retrieval and the website. For example, … Retrieved January 27, 2014 from the Department of Labor website, Your final reference list should include only those references you actually cite in your paper.

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