Note: This assignment is potentially worth 7.5% of your final grade. Essentially
Note: This assignment is potentially worth 7.5% of your final grade. Essentially it is an opportunity for you to add 75 points! So, think of it as an opportunity to add 10-20 points to each exam or 5-7 points to every quiz. The overall course grade is comprised of this pluses you up, potentially, over half a letter grade. Purpose For this project, you are going to be engaging in a process that educators call service-learning. According to the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, service learning is “a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.” In this project, then, you will be making a meaningful contribution to the important role that our community plays in preserving history. This hands-on learning experience will demonstrate that history isn’t dead, and we can all play a part in its preservation. Let’s get started. Task Part 1: Meaningful Community Service Due to time and the situation we face this semester due to the ongoing COVID crisis, we will limit options to those listed below and obviously interaction with the community (if you so choose) could be pursued at a future date, after class is completed, and once social distancing permits. However, this extra credit project gets you thinking about history in your area (or state) and potential to engage the community. Choose one of the following activities to complete by Saturday, October 9. These will be submitted under assessments via Assignments tab: Write a letter to advocate for the preservation of an important historical or cultural site in your community or state. (ie. Think of this as something you might submit to your local Chamber of Commerce, City Council, Tourism Board, etc.). Write an article about a local historic place, event, or person. (ie. Think of this as something you would write for your local newspaper (editorial piece) to raise awareness in your community). Brainstorm ideas about how the community might better promote local historic sites and tourism. Write up a one pager (or a PPT) on your ideas. (ie. Think of this option as something you might present to the local historical society and chamber of commerce in a letter or in person). Part 2: Reflection Write a short 3-paragraph (max one page) reflection of your experience. In the FIRST paragraph, explain what you could do in the community. In the SECOND paragraph, describe how your letter/article could contribute to the preservation of the historical event, place. And in the THIRD (final) paragraph, describe how this experience altered your understanding of history and the role that we (as a community) play in making and preserving history. No citations are necessary for this assignment. Criteria for Success This project is worth 75 points Completion of proposed letter, article, PPT - 25 points Reflection paper - 50 points In this reflection paper, I am looking for evidence of three things: You thought about community service in a constructive and meaningful way. You have thoughtfully considered the hands-on role we (as members of a community) play in creating, maintaining, and preserving the historical record. You can effectively communicate what you learned in a reflection paper that addresses the value of history and follows the conventions of Standard American English. Again, this is strictly optional but gives you a chance to: 1. contemplate the place of history in your community/state 2. earn extra credit! *** DISCLOSURE The writer who takes the job needs to communicate with me which activity they can execute sucessfully for this assignment.

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