My topic is still obesity and how it relates to access to medical care, lack of
My topic is still obesity and how it relates to access to medical care, lack of access to proper nutrition or healthy foods. For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography of resources related to your selected topic. This paper is not a formal paper but is structured as more of an outline. A title page and a reference page in APA style are required. For this assignment, please follow these instructions: Research and choose articles that discuss and examine a specific health policy that relates to your selected health issue. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to select the most relevant articles (research or evidence-based) from a peer reviewed and reliable journal or source. Do not cite or use a website for this assignment. Please note: A website is not considered an article. If you select a peer reviewed article published on a web site, use the correct citation. See section 6.31 and 6.32 of your APA manual.) Select five (5) articles from peer-reviewed journals that relate to your chosen issue and specific policy. Reference each article in proper APA format and include the following information underneath each reference: For each article write: 3 -5 sentence summary of the article 2 sentences about the purpose of the article 2 sentences why the article is credible for your topic 2 sentences explaining how you could use the article in your final project Each annotated bibliography entry should be 250 words. Do not copy/paste the abstract for this assignment. For an example of an annotated bibliography, please see the OWL website (Links to an external site.).

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