Minor Research Essay Prompt: Gentrification Gentrification is not a new process.
Minor Research Essay Prompt: Gentrification Gentrification is not a new process. The revitalization of neighborhoods, communities, and even cities has occurred throughout history and has met with varying degrees of success and not a few abject failures. Regardless of the degree of success, the process of gentrification is one that has profound effects upon the individuals and families residing in the area undergoing this change. While some benefit from the process, others find it distinctly harmful both financially and emotionally. In this regard, gentrification has been a hotly debated subject in recent years. Write a well-organized and well-developed essay in which you address the following: Present a recent example of a neighborhood that has undergone gentrification, briefly describing the gentrification process in the selected neighborhood. NOTE: The neighborhood you select may be from any U.S. state except California. NOTE: You must select a “neighborhood,” not a “city.” For example, Los Angeles is a city; Echo Park is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. Do not select a city.) **NEW ORLEAN - CENTRAL CITY** Discuss both a positive and a negative aspect of gentrification in the neighborhood you have selected. Argue whether the transformation of your selected neighborhood through gentrification has ultimately proven to be a positive transformation or a negative transformation. Assignment Notes: --The required length for this assignment is 1500-1750 words. (This excludes the Works Cited page, paper heading, etc.). --The submitted essay must be in MLA format. --The submitted essay must include MLA appropriate in-text citations, properly formatted references, and a Works Cited page. --In addition to the article assigned in class, you must utilize a minimum of two additional sources. (Considering the nature of this assignment, your additional sources should be in the form of newspaper or magazine articles selected from credible publications.) --The structure of your essay should follow the model of the sample outline provided. --Utilize the Hour-Glass format we have studied when crafting your arguments. --Limit the length of quoted source material to a concise phrase. Avoid quoting entire sentences. Work to embed quotes.

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