Book critique should be 3-5 pages double-spaced with proper footnotes in Chicago
Book critique should be 3-5 pages double-spaced with proper footnotes in Chicago Manual of Style format. First discuss the thesis and its relevance. You should be able to figure this out by looking at the title and reading the introduction. What is the author arguing? Why is that argument important? How might it change people’s view of the events covered in the book?[1] Next give a description of the book. How is it organized? Is it chronological or thematic? What do the chapters cover? Do some chapters seem more important than others? [2] Then discuss the author’s sources. Look at their footnotes and bibliography. Do they rely only on secondary sources or do they also use primary sources? Do they use a certain source over and over again? What archives or primary source collections did they use? After reviewing all of this material give your opinion on all of it (thesis, structure, and research). Did the author’s argument make sense to you? Did it change your mind? How might the author have strengthened their argument? Did its structure and writing style make sense? How might the author have improved his/her presentation? What was good about their presentation? Was their research thorough? Did they misuse a source? Then look at 2 or more reviews by scholars of the book. What did they think of the work.[3] Finally, conclude with a brief biography of the author. Why are they qualified to write this book? What is their training and where did they get it? What and where do they teach? What else have they published? [4]

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