Assignment 2: Family Trend Analysis (500-700 words, not including reference list
Assignment 2: Family Trend Analysis (500-700 words, not including reference list). Worth 20% of final grade. Being able to gauge and assess social trends is key to understanding how society is changing and how these changes might impact families. For this Assignment, you will be examining a social trend regarding an aspect of family life. Please choose from one of the following five general topic options; you will be identifying a social trend (or trends) associated with this topic. If you would prefer a different topic, please consult your instructor. Divorce Childcare Cohabitation Grandparents Single-parent families As part of your introductory paragraph, explain the general topic that you will be addressing and why it is significant. In this paragraph, cite at least one relevant Learning Resource from our course. In addition, explain the geographic scope of your assignment (local, state, region, country, global). (Note: you are welcome to choose any geographic area.) Explain what trend or trends related to your topic have you identified from your selected source. Also, explain what source you used for identifying the trend. (Be sure to cite the source of information.) Explain the evidence for your trend, using the specific numbers that indicate how this trend has changed over time. Be sure to identify the years over which the data were collected and if possible, how the data were collected. (Be sure to cite the source of information.) Identify any social problems and/or positive consequences that might arise from this trend. As part of our conclusion, write a self-reflection: Has this trend affected you and/or someone that you know? If so, explain how, or if not, explain how this trend might affect you and/or someone that you know in the future. Your assignment should include at least one Learning Resources from our course and at least one source for trend information. In addition, you may use other authoritative resources for information and insights. Be sure to use APA-style citations when relying on/quoting from your sources (including the Learning Resources from our course) and include a Reference List at the end of your assignment. Your paper will be reviewed using Turnitin prior to being graded. For more information about the use of Turnitin in this course, please review the material in the syllabus. Here are some resources that might be helpful for identifying trends (in the U.S. unless stated otherwise): AARP. (2019). 2018 national grandparents today survey. Retrieved from Australian Institute of Family Studies. (2020). Family trends and transitions. Retrieved from (Australia) Institute for Social Trends. (2019). World family map: Mapping social change and family outcomes. Retrieved from Horowitz, J. M., Graf, N., & Livingston, G. (2019, Nov. 6). Marriage and cohabitation in the U.S. Retrieved from Social Issues Research Center. (2020). Welcome. Retrieved from (United Kingdom) Assignment 2 maps to the following SOCY 443 course outcomes: identify key changing social dynamics within families relative to gender, age, and relationship status based on qualitative and quantitative sociological research examine how macro-level social and demographic trends in marriage and family patterns relate to changing micro-level attitudes, behaviours, and problems.

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