Sociology Research Guide (2021) states the following regarding discerning the qu
Sociology Research Guide (2021) states the following regarding discerning the quality studies in the quantitative realm from mediocre ones; purposeful quantitative research must have an aim to solve a certain problem of the society. Therefore, it depends on the intent of the research to determine which is the resolute ones or the mediocre ones. Effective quantitative research uses the most effective methods of research (statistical tools, assessment, questionnaires, etc.) for formulating a valid and reliable statistical analysis to generate a powerful conclusion. If quantitative research uses the best and effective tools for the study, with careful execution, it could yield results that is reliable and valid. To provide the cohesiveness of a quantitative research study, it should have primary and secondary sources of the study, or what we also called as "related literature of the study”. Credibility of sources of the study is important for itself to prevent unbiased point of view and enables its statistical findings to be backed-up with several evidence and studies. Empirical papers usually are structured in at least five sections: (1) introduction, (2) literature review, (3) empirical methods, (4) data analysis, discussion, and findings, and (5) conclusions (Nakano & Muniz, 2018). The introduction section usually presents the paper´s aim, the theoretical gaps it addresses and its research questions, and the conclusion section discuss its limitations and opportunities for future research (Nakano & Muniz, 2018). A quantitative article must obviously have charts, graphs, and other statistical figures. To pick the best empirical articles for literature review, an article should have the best introduction and conclusion because it could lead to a better literature review, that yields reliable and validated interpretation to the hypothesis. Nakano, D., & Muniz Jr., J. (2018). Writing the literature review for an empirical paper. Production, 28. e20170086. Sociology Research Guide: Identify Empirical Articles, Sep 2021.

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