Instructions You have been learning about PM, including processes related to pla
Instructions You have been learning about PM, including processes related to planning, executing, monitoring, and closing the project. This course, including its Signature Assignment in Week 8, is a project, too. This week’s assignment is a rough draft of the Signature Assignment; think of it as the planning phase of your Signature Assignment project. Address the following components in your rough draft. These are the same components required in the final project, though fewer pages and resources are required. You will then have time throughout Weeks 7 and 8 to integrate the feedback you receive before submitting the final project in Week 8. Describe the ID project in terms of its purpose, scope, sector, and general content area Compile a list of resources necessary for managing and completing the project and the sources of those resources, both internal and external to the organization. Present the project timeline with at least three milestones and two benchmarks per milestone; starting and ending the project are in addition to the minimum of three milestones. Categorize the project stakeholders in terms of their function relative to your specific design project. Describe the communication plan, including specific methods and times the team should communicate with the different stakeholders. Explain procedures for the collection, analysis, and integration of feedback during the project and how the timeline accommodates these procedures. Analyze one distinct tool that would support management of the design project, not delivery of the actual training or instruction. Anticipate at least one significant ethical, legal, and/or political risk within the project, how you might mitigate the occurrence of that risk, and how you might respond should the risk actually occur. Length: 10-12 pages Resources: Minimum of 3 credible resources, at least two of which must be scholarly and peer-reviewed

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