Choose one of the articles below that we have read and that you have responded t
Choose one of the articles below that we have read and that you have responded to for homework that you would like to rhetorically analyze for your Analytic Response. Tip: For a rhetorical analysis required in an Analytic Response, it isn't necessary that you agree with the author's argument. Instead of choosing an article because you like *what* they say (in other words, the content), choose an article because you are interested in analyzing *how* they say something (in other words, the way that they respond to the rhetorical situation). Consider the author's rhetorical effectiveness in achieving their purpose with their audience:After you have chosen an article, begin drafting an Analytic Response to the article. Your response should be structured as follows:An Introduction: a short summary of the article (5-7 sentences) and your thesis, including a preview of your main points or reasons you will cover (Guide to Writing Effective Thesis Statements_Summer 2017.pptx Download Guide to Writing Effective Thesis Statements_Summer 2017.pptx). (Remember: this is *NOT* a summary of the author's thesis, as we practiced in our summaries. This should be *YOUR* argument supported by reasons and evidence.) Body paragraphs illustrating *YOUR* main points about FOUR of the rhetorical features you are analyzing from the text. To help develop your main points and paragraphs--OR to help you revise to make sure that your main points are clear and well supported--use the TREAC paragraph structure (TREAC Paragraph Structure-1.pptx Download TREAC Paragraph Structure-1.pptx). Please do this for each main point that you develop. THE ARTICLE IS ATTACHED

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