Your Essay Must have the following to be receive a grade. No Plagiarism IMPORTAN
Your Essay Must have the following to be receive a grade. No Plagiarism IMPORTANT | Do not copy/paste any portion of your essay from anywhere for this assignment. This is considered plagiarism, and you will receive a 0, and be reported as a violation of the student code of conduct. Length Write (at least) 5 paragraph essays (with each paragraph being indented with at least 4 sentences per a paragraph). Formatting Your paper should follow the following traditional formatting guidelines for an academic paper. Times New Roman, 12-point type, 1-inch margins, double spaced. In the header include your first and last name, the name of the assignment “Midterm Essay” and the date. Write your essay in a word processing program (like Word) and upload the document. Appendix Include at least three pictures, one for each of your examples in the appendix. This page is included on the last page of the document and not part of the essay. Title the page “Appendix,” label your images with figure 1, figure 2 and figure 3. In your essay refer to the labels so I know which picture you are talking about as I read your essay.Introduction | Establish the purpose of the form of graphic design you are focusing on. (Minimum one paragraph at least 4 sentences) Explain the type of graphic design are you researching (10 points) Thesis: What is the current trend in this form of graphic design and how does that trend fill (10 points) the needs and desires of our society? (10 points) Body Point 1 | Analyze the images of current examples you have collected (minimum two paragraph at least 4 sentences for each paragraph) What are the trends that you can identify in how designers are solving this communication problem in our society today? Discuss three separate examples from your research that represent these trends. Analyze your examples in terms of elements of design that you believe apply for example: layout/composition, medium, color palette, typography etc. Example One (10 points) Example Two (10 points) Example Three (10 points)Body Point 2 | Explain what these trends tell us about the visual communication needs in our society (minimum one paragraph at least 4 sentences) How do the trends you identified solve the communication problem? (10 points) How do the trends reflect how our society relates to or uses the product? (10 points) How do the trends utilize the resources we have available to us today? (10 points) Conclusion | Create a transfer (minimum one paragraph at least 4 sentences) What from the history of graphic design can you compare this to? (10 points) What do the similarities tell you about what we as people value in visual communication? (5 points) What do the differences tell you about how we relate to visual communication in our time? (use images from textbook) Link to textbook: (5 points)

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