Topic: Prepare (i) A Three-Year Strategic Plan for Progressive Intern
Topic: Prepare (i) A Three-Year Strategic Plan for Progressive International University (PIU) (ii) A Plan for Assessment of the Outcomes of the Strategic Actions/Initiatives During the First Year of the Operations of PIU Background & Overview The global events during the last fourteen months have result in a paradigm shift in the way people live, work, and get educated. Although the overriding impact of COVID 19 pandemic will get neutralized in the near future, the traditional modes of learning and teaching in higher education, and delivery of health-care are not expected to occupy the center-stage in the future. One of the most dramatic shifts has occurred in the domain of higher education. Larges numbers of universities and colleges with student enrollment levels below 1,000 have either closed or merged with larger institutions. The prospects for new higher education institutes to enter the field successfully have improved because the degree/curriculum demands of prospective students cannot be satisfied by most of the existing institutions. The expected growth of employment in the ESG domain will push the demand for higher education in new directions. New and fast-growing technologies, such as electric vehicles, autonomous (driverless automobiles), biotechnology, block-chain technology, and nanotechnology, are going to be the dominant drivers of employment growth in all parts of the world. Additionally, innovative application of telecommunication technology has made it feasible for small institutions to succeed as providers of high-quality education globally. Given this favorable scenario, a group of entrepreneurs have decided to launch a new university, based in the U.S., but global in its pursuit of students, and growth opportunities. This institution, named Progressive International University (PIU), plans to start its operations in January 2022. PROJECT ASSIGNMENT Your project team has been selected for preparing a Three-Year Strategic Plan (3YSP) for the new university. This plan has to be delivered to the administration of PIU within three months of the start of the project/contract. Your team has past experience in similar assignments, and its members know the steps which will lead to the preparation of a credible strategic plan. Specifically, the sequence of activities/tasks listed below will have to be gone through during a 12 weeks long time period to produce an acceptable 3YSP. 1. Compose a Mission Statement for PIU. 2. Prepare a list of ‘Goals’ (no more than six goals) 3. Carry out a SWOT analysis for PIU business (should be presented in a table on one page) 4. Prepare a Three-Year Strategic Plan for PIU. The plan should list strategic activities along with the start-time, duration, estimated cost, expected outcome(s), and any other relevant information. It would be prudent to utilize tables and/or graphics to maximize visual impact of the information, and save page space. 5. The list of strategic activities/initiatives should be prioritized on the basis of rough benefit/cost analysis for each non-critical activity. 6. A short recommendations section in which the methodology for assessing the outcomes of various strategic initiatives, proposed for the first year, are presented. Should be the last section of the 3YSP. Project Report Organization: While there is no standard organization for a technical report, an effective report will generally be organized by creating the sections listed below: Title Page Abstract/Executive Summary Table of Contents Introduction with Statement of Situation/Problem Background Information Methodology Data Input and Calculations Summary of Findings/Detailed Recommendations Conclusion/Recommendations Bibliography Appendices

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