The headline says it all: “Parent Says Daughters Handcuffed, Suspended after Ref
The headline says it all: “Parent Says Daughters Handcuffed, Suspended after Refusing to Stand for National Anthem” This incident did not happen 200 years ago, nor 60 years ago during Dr. King’s march on Washington. This happened a few weeks ago at Lawton High School in Lawton, Oklahoma. Should Black students have to stand for the playing of the national anthem? Read the article and judge for yourself. Instruction: Write an argumentative essay about this topic. Make sure you have a strong introduction and thesis statement/claim, at least three body paragraphs supporting your reasons, another paragraph expressing the opposing view, and a strong conclusion. Your essay should have at least six (6) paragraphs. In addition, you need at least three articles for this assignment. Two articles should agree with your claim, and one article should oppose your claim (the opposing view). Take notes and write quotes from the articles to support your thesis. You also need at least one quote from the person representing the opposite view. Guidelines for the essay: • Times New Romans Style • Font 12 • Double Space • Use 90-10 rule. If you use quotes, just one per paragraph. • Use MLA documentation for in-text citations & Works Cited page • Avoid plagiarism; use “quotation marks” to protect yourself.

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