I have uploaded the SWOT ANALYSIS TEMPLATE AND GUIDLINES and the Rubric for the
I have uploaded the SWOT ANALYSIS TEMPLATE AND GUIDLINES and the Rubric for the strategic analysis tool used in creating the SWOT Analysis. I have also included instructions below and textbook images that we use in class to learn how to do a SWOT Analysis. I have also put required internet sources website links that should be used for finding facts about the company. These facts are used in the Template and analysis part. Instructions: Tool 8 1. Use the "SWOT Analysis Template, Guidelines, and Requirements" file available in the same folder to guide and draft a SWOT Analysis for your Client's business. (Xero Limited) 2. State your recommendations to your Client. Use the evidence from your SWOT Analysis to support your recommendations. Remember to use reliable data to support your Analysis. Provide a detailed analysis. Remember to look for evidence; quantitative and qualitative data to run your Analysis. The data comes from the Inernet sources such as specialized Business News Media Outlets, and your Client's Company Annual Reports found at the SEC website. Also, remember to cite all your sources, including the textbook. Submit all of your cited sources in pdf file format by printing the webpage as pdf file. Follow APA Guidelines for in-text citation format and references. Textbook: Textbook: Rothaermel, Frank T. (2017). Strategic Management. 4 th Edition. McGraw-Hill Education, NY. Sources of Data links that should be used: https://www.bloomberg.com/live https://finance.yahoo.com/ https://www.strategy-business.com/ https://www.cnbc.com/stocks/

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