To start your career exploration, create a list of questions you have about care
To start your career exploration, create a list of questions you have about careers, industries, organizations, and positions (see Exhibit 5.1, Career Exploration Questions on page 103). These questions should be designed to help you gather information. Self-assessment gives insight into your skills, interests, and values, and career exploration links your self-reflection to the world of work. If you are not certain which careers interest you most, or what you need to learn to make important decisions, start with the information you gathered in your self-assessment in Chapters 2: Skills, Chapter 3: Preferences, and Chapter 4: Values. Create questions that connect what you like to do, what you do well, and what you value with the world of work. Include any question you have about jobs, organizations, and industries. Please choose at least two questions from each section to answer. You may copy and paste the questions and then answer them. Exploring Careers What careers use the skills that I want to use most? What careers are common for people with my preferences? How can I learn more about the relationship between my values and career fields? What are common entry-level positions in these fields? What are the educational and experiential requirements for entry-level positions? Exploring Industries What are major recent trends in the industry? Who are some of the influential employers? What makes them so successful? Where can I meet networking contacts? Where are job openings listed for this industry? How might employers respond to someone changing careers or reentering the workforce? Exploring organizations What is the organizational culture? What helps people to succeed within this organization? How diverse is the workforce? Is corporate responsibility a part of the company’s mission? Does the organization promote work-life balance? Exploring Positions What salaries are offered? What is a typical day like? What skills will be developed in this position? In what directions could this position lead within (or outside) the organization? Are additional educational or other credentials required for promotion?

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