Kindly check the the PDF file named Assesment Brief for assesment point 1 file a
Kindly check the the PDF file named Assesment Brief for assesment point 1 file all the details on the topic and the tasks in this file and the rest of the files are the weekly slides , the essay will be submimtted on turn it in from the university. Check the PDF to understand everything named assesment brief for assesment point 1 and the rest of the documents to help you . Thank you , best regards Task Students are required to produce a reflective report (LO2/8) on varied leadership approaches taken by different leaders in managing the changes arising from a contemporary issue (i.e. COVID 19). In order to achieve this, the main body of your report must include the following: 1) A brief introduction to the conceptual approaches of leadership and change management (LO1/2). 2) Exploration of the role of flexible leadership and individual perspectives in relation to leaders managing change of the pandemic (discussed through relevant literature, tools and techniques) (LO2/5/8). 3) Critical analysis of why the issue has strategic importance in understanding leadership approaches and their impact on its stakeholders whilst proffering some recommendations (discussed through relevant literature and supported by other contemporary examples) (LO2/6/12) LO1: analyse and critically evaluate major ideas and practices in the field of people management. LO2: evaluate major contemporary theoretical and managerial perspectives on people management. LO5: engage critically and analytically with literature relating to major developments in the field of people management. LO6: appreciate how research into effective people management underpins thinking in the other, more specialised fields of HRM and HRD practice that you will be studying. LO8: effectively apply HR theories and models to situations and various scenarios. LO 12: develop and express strong, original and well-justified arguments to support your views.The reflective report requires you to use the relevant module material (ideas, concepts, theories, frameworks and research findings) to inform your evaluation. The assignment encourages you to take a strategic view of what good leadership entails and an evaluation of today’s global leaders in embracing flexibility to managing change whilst dealing with current and emerging global trends. Well established media (e.g. BBC, Financial Times, New York Times, etc) may be used to develop the context of the discussion, but the material used to underpin the research and analysis should be from academic books and/or updated peer-reviewed academic journals.

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