My Deaf Family After watching the pilot of My Deaf
My Deaf Family After watching the pilot of My Deaf Family, take some time to reflect on the family in the video and your family. Other than having a pretty even combination of Deaf and hearing family members – are they really so different? They play video games, they dance, they fight – the one thing that really sets them apart from a “typical hearing family” is their use of ASL. Please reflect on the ideas listed below. When writing the paper, the body must be in narrative form, not bulleted points. Make connections, use transition statements, have a beginning and ending paragraph. •What (if anything) surprised you about this family? •Do you think it’s more challenging for the two hearing boys? How so? •How about the scenes in the school for the Deaf.. what was the overall tone there? Did you know schools for the Deaf had cheerleading squads, basketball teams etc.? •Have you ever been “guilty” of doing any of the things listed by Leslie or Bridgetta that hearing people often do? •Why do you think Jared never invited Kris over to his house?? •Compare this family to the one in The Silent Child – what thoughts come to your mind about the children, parents and overall family dynamic? •Did you like it? •Would you watch a show like this if the networks picked it up? Does it make for interesting reality TV? •All other thoughts, comments, feedback and ideas welcome.

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