Assignment 3. First Thought Paper Please use Chicago Manual Style to do the foot
Assignment 3. First Thought Paper Please use Chicago Manual Style to do the footnotes for your citations. No need for a bibliographic page. Confucianism was a major intellectual development in ancient China that has a lasting influence in China and East Asia to this day. But at the time it first emerged, Confucianism was not the only school prevailing, nor was it adopted outright by government. For example, the Qin's unification of China in 221 BCE benefited from the ideas of legalism, whereas the early Han rulers turned to Daoism for governance. What were the main tenets of these schools and how did these schools of thought differ from Confucianism? In the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty, Confucianism was established as an official ideology, and remained so for the following centuries. Why? To answer these questions, it requires you 1) to read and understand ALL relevant documents about various schools in the Source Book and use them well to buttress your explanation and 2) apply your knowledge of the history between the age of Confucius to the end of the Han period for better explanation of how and why Confucianism prevailed, at least on the government level. This assignment must be typed and submitted electronically in MS Word (.docx or .pdf) format. The file must be named in the following format: Lastname_Assignment3. Submit your completed document to Assignment 3, listed on the Modules and Assignments pages, as a file attachment.

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