Action Research Project- Final Presentation and Written Report Final Written Rep
Action Research Project- Final Presentation and Written Report Final Written Report: Write a 7-10 page project report that summarizes your project outcomes, personal accomplishments and learning experiences. Use supporting data and citations to make your points. Be sure to indicate what you have learned about leadership, communications and technology through your educational experience at Bay Path College including your project activities. Your final narrative report must include these sections: Cover Page: Title of project, your name, course name and date Abstract: Write one brief paragraph that summarizes your project idea/outcomes Project Description and Goals: Describe the context, importance and scope of your project. What did you set out to do and why? What did you want to accomplish? Action Research Methodology and Findings: Share information about the process you used to gather and understand data. What kind of relationships did you build? Cite specific information and/or relevant data from the five required information resources and two interviews that you conducted. What themes or trends did you notice through your analysis of the data? Evaluation: Learning Outcomes and Project Accomplishments: Identify lessons learned and project results. Comment on what you have learned about leadership, communications and technology. What are your greatest “take-aways” from your learning and project experiences? What did you learn about yourself as a leader? What did you learn about change? What did you achieve? How did you make a difference? Conclusion: Next Steps for Continued Progress: Share your thoughts about the implications of your project and what the next steps might be for continued learning and action. What did you learn about women as learners and leaders? What advice do you have for someone who might want to engage in self-directed learning projects? Final Presentation Your final presentation is a culmination of your action research and self-directed project experience. This presentation is a major requirement for this course. Remember you chose your topic area so be comfortable, confident and enthusiastic about what you are sharing with us. We are your supporters, and we want to learn from you. This presentation is a celebration of what you have been able to achieve as a learner and leader! Here are some considerations as you plan to develop and deliver your presentation: Take the time to determine how you want to deliver your presentation. Although a PowerPoint is the norm, it is not the only way to present. Contact your professor directly if you have interest in using other formats. In your presentation, be sure to give some background about your project as well as why you chose to focus on the issues and/or ideas you selected. At a minimum tell us about your project purpose, goals, actions, results, lessons learned and next steps. Please be sure to identify your “takeaway(s)” from the project for the audience. You are encouraged to be creative with your presentation including incorporating an interactive component if appropriate.

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