your topic is approved with the following REVISED main guiding research question
your topic is approved with the following REVISED main guiding research questions about your topic: Why is suicide on the rise and who is most vulnerable in the United States today? What are the signs of suicidal ideation? How can this crisis be minimized? The next step is to complete “Finalizing Your Research Topic and Questions” assignment due early next week. After that, I look forward to reading your introduction-- the "what I know assume or imagine" story part of this research paper that should end with your main questions about your topic. Be sure to follow the guidelines for writing your introduction and see some student samples on our class digital bulletin board in week 7 module 1. Your introduction will most likely be a personal anecdote, based on what you shared in your letter of intent, so keep in mind that YOUR CLASSMATES WILL SEE YOUR INTRODUCTION on the digital bulletin board. You need to be comfortable sharing whatever you write. In addition, keep in mind that you will need to gather 6 credible, academic sources found using the CERRITOS COLLEGE LIBRARY system, as per the instructions on essay 3 prompt. If you need help gathering sources, be sure to chat with a librarian on the library home page during regular business hours. A librarian can really help. In addition, check out "Researching Your Topic Using the Library Databases"

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