Value Stream Mapping The aim is to apply this tool to an application for the dat
Value Stream Mapping The aim is to apply this tool to an application for the data included. (Please see the attached Excel file below) Another tool is a value stream map, VSM. It is a high level illustration of a process, often in summary form. For this assignment, your job is to use the excel file provided. The data represent the steps in changing the oil in an automobile. Hints: Copy the data to another worksheet. Find the time to perform each step. Calculate the wait times between steps. Summarize the overall value add time and non-value add time. Refer to the example shown in class and others you may find for aid. A VSM is a one page illustration. Submit a completed VSM and a one page narrative to supplement the diagram. Your write up should include a summary paragraph of the process and a statement where in the process would you commission a team to study and improve. Remember there are 3 parts to a VSM. The header with a title and start and stop images. Next, is the stream comprising the value add sequence. Finally, a summary up/down line as a summary for active value add and non-value add events. Use summary data and icons for a good looking VSM. NOTES on Oil Change: Think of this as a service to your car. You may be doing the change yourself or if it helps it may be at a drive up oil change service. Each activity has a label and shows a start and stop time. Here is a simple video of someone changing oil solo. All steps are part of the process and are to appear in the VSM you are creating. The data, clock time, indicates the order for the steps. Hence, you'll see it goes from left to right in sequence. A lug is often called the plug. How to do an oil change (Links to an external site.) HERE'S THE ONE WE COVERED IN CLASS FOR A REMINDER OF HOW A VSM LOOKS. (Please see the attached PowerPoint file below)

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