This worldview experiment focuses on the “Praxis” dimension of worldview. If wor
This worldview experiment focuses on the “Praxis” dimension of worldview. If worldview is the stuff that supports our lives and gives them meaning without our noticing it, the praxis dimension has to do with those actions that support our lives without our noticing it. N.T. Wright calls these “automatic actions” – the stuff we do without having to think about it. Many of these could be described by the simple word “habits”: those routines we do without asking ourselves beforehand “Should I do this today/this week/etc. or not?” (All your professors hope you feel this way about your homework!) This worldview experiment is meant to enable you to become more aware of what your habits mean to your life. This experiment will take two days to accomplish (plan accordingly!) Day 1: Observe yourself for a day. At the end, write down: A habit that you're pretty sure you could do without A habit you feel you might not be able to do without. A habit you couldn't do without. Day 2: The following day, try to do without (2) - or, if you're feeling ambitious, (3) - for the whole day. Afterward: Describe your experience of the day: describe how (as specifically as possible) not having the habit or practice or thing changed your day. Did the day 'feel' different? Or work differently? What meaning does this habit give your day? Estimate how important this habit is to your life.

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